Installation Detail

44th and Landis, 2012

This mixed media installation charts a psychogeographical path through the City Heights neighborhood of southern California, where the artist grew up. 44th and Landis combines visual traces of the neighborhood’s early Victorian years and motifs drawn from 1980s urban pop culture. This installation takes the form of an ephemeral sculptural environment comprising hundreds of cut paper forms divided into 5 structures. The installation also incorporates an experiential soundscape spread over fourteen handmade paper speakers.

Mixing imagery appropriated from video games, Victorian paper dolls, and 1980s urban pop culture, the work evokes the external and internal worlds of a child navigating the streets of a city pressured by waves of disinvestment and gentrification. Integrating memory and fantasy, and public and private histories, 44th and Landis offers insights into a complex American neighborhood’s past and present.

Presented as a solo exhibition for The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego in 2012.


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Room 2:

This fifth and final chandelier structure was dedicated to its own gallery room with each custom piece hanging to form a large-scale spiral structure.


Each fixture element is comprised of custom cut acrylic frames and paper prints showcasing mixed media designs that play on notions of class and identity. Rubix cubes, classic arcade games, candy and cartoons—are presented along with graphics derived from currency, food stamps, playing cards, and the logos of less benign items like Camel cigarettes and Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine.

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Visual collaborator: Bridget Rountree; Lead Illustrator: Ciara White; Assistant Illustrators: Caroline Brand, Angela Marie Ilagan, Tina Milz, and Sendy Santamaria; Fabrication Support: Fab Lab; Creative Support: Mauricio Chernovetzky and High Tech High, Funded by The San Diego Foundation and The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.