Frakture, 2010

The year 1984 has passed, but George Orwell’s vision of a society controlled through surveillance, censorship, infringement of individual liberties, and violence in the name of security still resonates today. Through contemporary media clips and sound art, Frakture explores Orwell’s 1949 predictions as they increase in accuracy with each new decade.

Margaret Noble created and presented Frakture as a solo sound performance and vinyl record release in 2010. The opening track, Safer is Better  won first place in the Musicworks Magazine Electronic Music Composition Competition. Frakture now lives as a limited edition vinyl record and art book.


Full Album Online:

Safer is Better (track 1)

Audio collage of analogue synthesizer, acoustic drums, health care protests, contemporary political propaganda, city emergency alarms, NYSE stock exchange recordings, dice rolling, camera flashes, vinyl record samples and field recordings of pesticide spraying.

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Visual Collaboration and Graphic Design: Daniel Hicks
Audio Engineer: Robert Mason